Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about the Fashion Digital conference.

If your questions have not been sufficiently answered below, please contact Teresa Greenfeld, Design Director, teresa@fashiondigital.co. For general questions, ask anyone of our qualified online support agents located on the website’s help chat, or call us at 843.212.6588.


What is Fashion Digital?

Since the rise of e-commerce, shopping behavior has changed considerably and today’s omni-channel consumers are expecting a lot—nothing short of access to an unlimited selection of merchandise with no physical or temporal limitations. That is a big order to fill. In the fashion industry, which has experienced many groundbreaking disruptions in the e-commerce revolution, the demands are just as critical.

Our founder Sandy Hussain recognized the present and looming needs facing online retailers and developed the Fashion Digital conference as a way of addressing these issues by bringing together the very best marketing and e-commerce professionals the fashion industry has to offer. Our speakers provide you with the strategies and tactics to meet and exceed consumer omni-channel expectations, while also filling you in on the latest marketing trends and cutting edge technology.


How does it work?

Our highly anticipated events are attended by senior retailers and enterprise technology companies focused on e-commerce and digital marketing.  Over the years, our conferences have featured over 335 speakers, 100+ panels and more than 2,360 of the fashion industry’s most notable trendsetters and industry authorities.

To register for the event and find out more information, click here.


Who should attend?

The demographic of retail professional who attend range from emerging brand owners to high profile executives. The conference was created for anyone in the e-commerce fashion industry that has an interest in bettering their business through the insight of the world’s leading marketers, in addition to the rare networking opportunities that are likely to result.


Why should you attend?

There are countless reasons to attend a Fashion Digital event, but here are three that are undeniable:

  • Inclusiveness: Even though Fashion Digital attracts the biggest names in the industry, we believe that great ideas can come from anyone, hailing from all parts of the globe. The only prerequisite is to attend the conference with a willingness to learn and a desire to better your business.
  • Networking: As mentioned before, Fashion Digital secures the best in the industry of e-commerce fashion to teach at our events–which, in turn, packs our venues with leaders from the world of fashion and e-commerce.
  • Education: Fashion Digital’s main purpose is to lay out the problems facing the fashion e-commerce industry in the 21st century and to give you the proven solutions, straight from the mouths of the innovators who helped build it.


How much does attending the conference cost?

The cost of the conference is based on when you sign up, the quantity of tickets purchased and what ticket type you are signing up for. Sign up early to receive the best rates available!


What is the difference between a retailer vs. non-retailer ticket?

Retailer and Non-Retailer ticket prices vary.  To purchase a retailer ticket, you must be a retail company that sells products directly to customers (B2C).  Non-retailer tickets are available to technology service providers, marketing companies, and ecommerce solutions.  Please consult the registration site for prices.


Where is the registration page?

To register now and get your ticket for the May 2017 event, click here.


Where is the attendee list?

A sample attendee list can be found by scrolling down the homepage.


Where is the agenda?

To request the May 2017 agenda, please click here. For previous agendas, please email teresa@fashiondigital.co.


Are there group discounts?

Yes. Discounts are given when registering a group of 2 or more.

  • 2 attendees from the same company get a 10% discount each
  • 4 or more attendees from the same company get a 20% discount each

For more information, please contact Teresa Greenfeld, Design Director, at teresa@fashiondigital.co.


Are there any networking functions during the evenings?

Fashion Digital offers exciting networking functions that coincide with our tri-yearly events, offering great opportunities to network with your peers.  Details are being finalized for our next upcoming event and will be posted shortly.


What is the dress code?

We advise business casual, but it won’t hurt if you wear something you bought online.


What is your refund/cancellation policy?

The tickets purchased for Fashion Digital events are nonrefundable.


Is my ticket transferable?

Yes, your ticket is transferable to another event held by Fashion Digital. Check the website to find out other upcoming conferences.


How can I be a sponsor?

For sponsorship questions, please contact Sandy Hussain, Fashion Digital CEO & Founder at sandy@fashiondigital.co or 1-(646) 420-0168.


How many events do you have coming up?

Fashion Digital happens where e-commerce is thriving. We have conferences across the globe including New York, Los Angeles, London, and soon Australia! Check under our events section for the latest news.


How can my publication or media outlet cover a Fashion Digital event?

To cover an event please apply for a press pass here. All submissions will be reviewed, and accepted applicants will be contacted with their credentials.