Over 800 e-commerce leaders – from the largest brands to innovative start-ups – participated in the Fashion Digital™ New York.


  • Innovation Labs & Investments: The Future of Retail, Reimagined
  • Getting Bullish: Exploring Investments in Transformative Ecommerce Technologies
  • The Magic Number: Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategies
  • Connecting the Dots: Digitizing the Store to Increase Online and Offline Sales
  • The Creative Class: New Business Models for Retail/E-Commerce
  • Data Superpowers: Measuring and Interpreting Consumer Behavior
  • Over the Border: Online Retailers Go Global
  • Man Vs. Machine: The Right Media Spend





Day 1 (October 20) will be held at Digital Sandbox (55 Broad Street) and will be a day of learning for key personnel who have been mandated with solving specific issues in the near term. Tactical and educational workshops in three key operational categories will be presented by the experts and aimed at e-commerce managers who are implementing solutions within the next 12 months. Day 1 is open ONLY to Retailers. Non-Retailers (i.e. service providers) are restricted from attending Day 1 except sponsors.

Day 2 (October 21) will feature a speaker roster of industry innovators who are shaping tomorrow’s strategies and the future of fashion e-commerce. Day 2 is open to both Retailers and Non-Retailers and will be held at Pier Sixty.


New York

Day 1 | October 20th

Day 1 is a day of tactical, educational workshops for the manager-level and coordinator-level fashion e-commerce professional on the “blocking and tackling” of fashion digital. Taking place on October 20 at Digital Sandbox, each customized workshop will be taught by the experts and will allow attendees to hone in on critical skills necessary for business growth.

Registration & Networking Breakfast

8:00 AM: Dining Area

Join us for the opportunity to enjoy breakfast and network with fellow retailers, agencies, consultants, and tech providers.

The Real Fun Starts After The Sale: How to Boost Loyalty With Post-Purchase Marketing

8:40 AM: Room A

The post-purchase experience can determine whether a customer will become a loyal and repeat purchaser – maybe even a brand advocate – or simply a one-and-done passerby. Carefully crafting a post-purchase marketing program that fits your brand and your customer’s expectations is critical in reinforcing the customer’s perceived value of what they just bought. This session will explore post-purchase messaging programs that will keep your customer buying time and time again

You Can’t Be Too Fast Or Too Fat: How Web Performance Impacts Brand Experience

8:40 AM: Room B

Learn how web performance impacts your business and brand experience while we shine some light on how your benchmarks compare against your peers. You’ll depart this workshop with 5 web performance questions to take to IT.

What Heads of eCommerce Should Know about PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards)

8:40 AM: Room C

What is PCI DSS? How are you likely to find out about PCI? How do the risks differ for eCommerce vs. Brick and Mortar companies

The Big Payoff: Why New Incremental Growth Depend On Personalized Discovery & Confidence

9:45 AM: Room A

Digital apparel / footwear sales continue to grow globally as consumers diversify their channel spending preferences. Learn how leading retailers are leveraging massive data and technology to power personalized discovery and fit confidence. Learn proven strategies that are consistently driving 3-6X conversion rate increases, 12X+ ROI, and an average 8% new incremental revenue lift to the overall business. As this massive rebalancing of consumer spending continues to shift between digital and brick and mortar, the retailers who are equipped to help consumers increase their confidence and efficiently help them discover the items they’ll fall in love with are the ones who will best capitalize on this digital land-grab we’re experiencing.

2014 The Year of Social Merchandising: Using Social Media to Drive Content, Engagement and Purchasing Behavior

9:45 AM: Room B

Social media has realized rapid evolution as a medium over the past year. Retailers have come to use social media not only as a tool for sharing information and engaging with customers, but as a springboard for brand content and merchandising tactics. What once was a single concept of “social media” is now specialized subsections that can be leveraged to drive specific aspects of user interaction.

Leveraging Retention to Optimize Customer Acquisition

9:45 AM: Room C

It is 5x more cost-effective to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one, yet only 16% of companies place their primary focus on retention. Join Adam Schwartz, COO/Co-Founder of BustedTees and TeePublic, and Cassie Lancellotti-Young, Sailthru’s VP of Analytics and Optimization, as they explore frameworks for calculating the true long-term costs of customer acquisition and how those vary by channel, delineating between short-term optimization and long-term business value as well as tools for determining the appropriate trade-offs between quantity and quality in the marketing funnel so as to both drive incremental business revenue and protect long-term customer value.

Networking Break

10:45 AM: Exhibit Hall & Dining Area

Enjoy a delicious mid-morning snack and refreshments while mingling and comparing notes with industry executives.

Predict the Future, Increase your Profit: How Guess? and Other Leading Retailers Are Driving ROI with Predictive Analytics

11:25 AM: Room A

Hear insights learned by working with leading online and omnichannel fashion and lifestyle retailers such as Guess?, Etsy, Bonobos, NastyGal, BaubleBar, and Tibi about using customer segmentation and predictive analytics to make their acquisition and retention marketing programs more profitable, increasing customer spend by 20% with 10x ROI.

Rethinking Mobile Engagement with Responsive Web Design

11:25 AM: Room B

Mobile has transcended devices to represent a continuum of engagement. It is the connective tissue behind the personal experiences that your customers share through and with your brand. Mobile is the fastest growing mode of purchasing, and yet, in survey after survey, consumers identify it as the least satisfying experience. There is a huge pay-off to getting it right.

Canada: The Runway to Growth; Insights on the Canadian Shopper and Key Factors For Successful Market Entry

11:25 AM: Room C

Looking for the runway to retail growth? Look north to Canada. Shoppers in this fashion-conscious market spend 52% more on apparel and accessories than their US counterparts, and, according to Canada’s leading eCommerce shipping company, Canada Post, online purchases from fashion retailers are growing at a year-over-year rate of 25%.

Thinking Small: Why Loyalty Marketing is Replacing Mass Marketing to Drive Acquisition and CLTV

12:30 PM: Room A

The typical customer no longer exists. Consumers see themselves as individuals and they want to do more than shop—they want a relationship with their favorite brands. Affiliate marketing lacks personalization and broad campaigns too often miss the mark.

Relevance is the New Black: Convert Browsers Into Buyers With the Ultimate User Experience

12:30 PM: Room B

The path to purchase has grown more complex over the years due to our constant digital connectivity. Shopping has now become a dynamic online and offline experience for consumers, which presents retailers with even more opportunities to offer the right products at the right time.

Re-platform Decision Making – Industry Trends, Best Practices, and Pitfalls to Avoid

12:30 PM: Room C

Over the past decade, the needs of online retailers have evolved As a result, the requirements for their eCommerce websites have evolved as well. Most retailers are finding that their legacy platforms are in desperate need of an upgrade, or in some cases, a complete overhaul. In fact, when surveyed, 52% of retailers expressed that the ecommerce platform would be their technology priority spend this year.

Network Lunch & Exhibits

1:30 PM: General Session

The Evolution of Payments

2:30 PM: Room A

How is mobile technology impacting the way consumers make payments? What technologies are trending in the retail payment world? Find out what is happening in the retail payments industry and what you can do to keep up with the changing landscape.

Transforming Retail Into Me-tail Through Email Marketing Automation

2:30 PM: Room B

Consumer expectations for a personalized shopping experience is at an alarming level – 90%! (IBM 2014). Alarming because less than a third of retailers are capitalizing on consumer data to deliver the much demanded personalized experience across all channels.

Making Connections: The Fashion Retail Dating Game Connecting Personalization and Profitability

2:30 PM: Room C

2015 is emerging as the year of Personalization. There is no doubt that fashion retailers need to be acutely focused on their customer experience and anticipating their shoppers’ needs before they are even voiced. Yet, the fact remains that retailers have products to sell – on their shelves and in their warehouses – many of which were purchased months ago. It’s not just about showing the customer the right product at the right time; you must find the right customer for your product. In order to succeed, fashion retailers must embrace intelligent commerce, which means creating deeper connections between their data, inventory and organizations and being able to take action on that data to best serve their customer and company needs.

The Future of Visual Merchandising Online: ROI Strategies, Tools, and Best Practices

3:35 PM: Room A

Today’s omni-channel retailers need to recruit talented, highly productive and commercially aware Visual Merchandisers (VM) who can make an impact on their bottom line. VM’s have to be super-creative and possess a huge skill set to be able to analyze sales data, predict seasonal trends, and keep abreast of their competitors’ activities across different channels and markets.

Businesses are Expected to Lose $4 Trillion to Abandoned Online Shopping Carts this Year: What Businesses Can do to Prevent Cart Abandonment, Improve Online Checkout and Drive Sales

3:35 PM: Room B

A recent report by Business Insider found that online businesses will lose $4 trillion to abandoned shopping carts this year, a trend that has been increasing in recent years.


Digital Sandbox

55 Broad St.
New York City
October 20, 2014

For directions to the venue, please click here.

Day 2 | October 21st

Fashion Digital New York is focused on the key strategy development and future of fashion e-commerce. Over 600 e-commerce professionals will come together for a full day of networking and panel sessions focused on the hottest topics from key decision makers in the industry.

Registration, Networking Breakfast & Exhibit Hall Opens

8:00AM: Exhibit Hall & Dining Area

Join us for the opportunity to enjoy breakfast and network with fellow retailers, agencies, consultants, and tech providers.

Lessons from the Other Side: How Retail’s Innovators are Dispelling The Ghost Economy – An $800B Issue of Vanishing Profits

8:45 AM: General Session

The Ghost Economy is plaguing all facets of retail – a perpetual disconnect between inventory and stock data, marketing and C-level teams, creating an $800 billion profit loss for retailers worldwide. And with the complexity of assortment, personalization requirements and increasing customer expectations, fashion retail is struggling more than any industry to connect data and operational silos to drive profits. So what’s a retailer to do?

Innovation Labs & Investments: The Future of Retail, Reimagined

9:15 AM: General Session

In part driven by a need to stay competitive with Amazon, more and more retailers are launching their own internal innovation labs. These retailers are finding it easier to more seamlessly experiment with new ideas, technologies and products — as well as appeal to the omnichannel consumer. This session will explore the value proposition of startup investments and funding innovation labs. Discover how much of a priority these retailers are placing on in-house labs.

Getting Bullish: Exploring Investments in Transformative Ecommerce Technologies

9:50 AM: General Session

Retailers have been faced with the challenge of remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to ecommerce technology. Seasoned investors will discuss what they are seeing in terms of ecommerce technology and retail investments from conversion technology, product management and merchandising, mobile-supported commerce, SEO, and pure play retail.

Networking Break

10:35 AM: Exhibit Hall & Dining Area

Enjoy a delicious mid-morning snack and refreshments while mingling and comparing notes with industry executives.


The Magic Number: Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategies

11:15 AM: Concurrent Session A

Has traditional marketing fallen by the wayside with the ever-increasing number of alternative marketing methods? From display, search and affiliate marketing to growth hacking and beyond, finding the right cost of conversion is the biggest challenge many retailers face. This panel of experts will discuss their successes and failures in testing new strategies, how they define ROI, and whether there truly is a “magic number.”

Connecting the Dots: Digitizing the Store to Increase Online and Offline Sales

11:15 AM: Concurrent Session B

The convergence of offline and online retail has never been greater. Customers find themselves browsing online and mobile, while buying in store and vice versa. With brick-and-mortar retailers increasingly accepting mobile payments and the adoption of iBeacons becoming a growing reality, offline shopping has become more appealing to the digitally connected consumer. Hear how new in-store technologies are driving consumers back to the mall — and how the digital implementation has increased sales through a seamless integration of online and offline strategies.

Getting Customer Centric: Using Data and Innovative Technology to Enhance the User Experience

11:15 AM: Concurrent Session C

Whether you consider your brand to be cutting edge or classic, leveraging the latest innovative technologies and getting the most out of your customer data is essential to winning in fashion retail. It’s no secret that enhancing your site’s user experience leads to increases in visitors and revenue per visitor, and fortunately, today’s technology makes it possible for you to know and cater best to each individual customer, not just a customer type. In this panel, you’ll hear from some of the industry’s leading technology providers and retailers who are leading the way for a more customer-centric experience.

Network Lunch & Exhibits

12:15 PM: General Session

The Creative Class: New Business Models for Retail/E-Commerce

1:15 PM: Concurrent Session A

The explosion of e-commerce has produced a number of new strategies for both traditional retailers as well as online-only fashion sites. From flash sale sites selling their own private-label wares to re-commerce and vertical commerce companies becoming ever more prevalent, learn what business models have proven most successful. Executives at top e-tailers will discuss lessons learned from being the first on the scene.

Over the Border: Online Retailers Go Global

1:15 PM: Concurrent Session B

Some online retailers are born as international brands; others make it a part of their strategic business decisions. This panel of international retailers will discuss how international sales have affected their respective businesses, how it differs from their domestic ones, and which regions they’re seeing the most expansion.

FD Talks: Rapidfire Presentations

1:15 PM: Concurrent Session C

In these rapid-fire sessions, speakers will present a narrowly defined, focused presentation based on the TED Talks concept.

Networking Break

2:00 PM: Exhibit Hall & Dining Area

Enjoy a delicious mid-afternoon snack and refreshments while mingling and comparing notes with industry executives.

Marketing & Merchandising Best Practices for Hyper Growth

2:30 PM: Keynote Session

As consumer shopping habits change and the web is on pace to influence a majority of total retail sales, fashion brands must continually optimize their marketing and merchandising to drive growth. This can be a daunting challenge across a customer journey that is fragmented across more channels than ever before. Learn how eco-friendly jewelry retailer Alex and Ani leverages marketing insights and analytics to increase traffic, conversions, average order value and repurchase rate while maximizing engagements across channels.

Robert Scoble: The Age of Context

3:00 PM: General Session

The smartphone brought us a real paradigm shift toward systems that are contextually-controlled. Your wearable computers will tell new assistants all sorts of things about you. Robert Scoble brings you the leading edge companies and technologies that he’s seeing as he visits innovators around the world for Rackspace.

Fashion Retail Revolution: Image Recognition and the Next Generation of Mobile Shopping

3:55 PM: General Session

Imagine a world where your smartphone can not only identify the great shoes your coworker is wearing, it can locate them for purchase on an ecommerce website. This kind of shopping and discovery experience isn’t futuristic—it’s now. Learn how it’s shaping the way customers interact (and will expect to be able to interact) with their favorite fashion brands and retailers, like you.

Keynote Presentation

4:25 PM: General Session

Dave Gilboa is co-founder and Co-CEO of Warby Parker, a transformative lifestyle brand with a lofty objective: to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially conscious business. Dave will touch on the lessons learned in launching Warby Parker, expanding into bricks and mortar retail, and how it’s possible to build a successful lifestyle brand online and offline.

Refreshments and Networking

5:00 PM: Exhibit Hall & Dining Area

Join us for the opportunity to enjoy cocktails and network with fellow executives.



Chelsea Piers
23rd Street & Westside Highway
New York City
October 21, 2014

For directions to the venue, please click here.

Day 3 |


Select Speakers

Brian Sugar

Cofounder & CEO, POPSUGAR Inc.

Michael Harvey

Chief Operating Officer, Corra

Ross Kramer

Co-Founder & CEO, Listrak

Ryan Bonifacino


Karen Moon

Co-founder & CEO, Trendalytics

Rob Garf

VP of Industry Strategy & Insights, Demandware

Benny Arbel

CEO, MyThings

Sarah Davis

Founder & COO, Fashionphile

Soraya Darabi

Co-Founder, Zady

Eytan Daniyalzade

Entrepreneur, Walmart Labs

Emily Culp

SVP – E-commerce, Rebecca Minkoff

David Cost

VP – E-Commerce & Digital Marketing, Deb Shops

David Caples

Director of Channel WW, Peer1 Hosting

Lisa Butler

Head of Enterprise Solutions, eBay Enterprise

Marko Bon

UX / Creative / Digital Strategy, Consultant

Omer Artun

Chief Executive Officer, AgilOne

Will Young

Director, Zappos

John Squire

President, OrderDynamics

Rob Sopkic

VP of Sales – North America, Sociomantic

Ken Seiff

Managing Partner, Beanstalk Ventures

Robert Scoble

Startup Liaison Officer, Rackspace

Adam Schwartz

COO BustedTees, Co-Founder, TeePublic

Chester Ritchie

SVP – Head of Market Development & Strategy, Worldpay

Lauren Remington Platt

CEO, Vensette

Corey Pierson

Co-Founder and CEO, Custora

Mark Lippmann

Managing Director, Deborah Lippmann

Jennifer Lee

Partner/National Digital & Omnichannel Consumer Business Leader, Deloitte Canada

Danny Kourianos

SVP of Product, Rakuten Marketing

Lauren Indvik

Editor in Chief, Fashionista

Morgan Hermand-Waiche

Founder & CEO, Adore Me

Blake Hall

Founder & CEO,

Dave Gilboa

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Warby Parker

Keith George

Chief Merchandising Officer, Gilt Groupe

Dan Garner

Founder, On Tap

Benny Arbel

Chief Executive Officer, MyThings

Steven Alan

Chief Executive Officer, Steven Alan

William Adler

Chief Executive Officer, True Fit